Update 03/2020: I am currently writing a series about securing your FastAPI application that covers many more authentication providers. If you have any questions or need help with your FastAPI project, reach out to me via email: j@gontrum.me

Lately, I have played around with the FastAPI framework, and I am delighted by its speed, rich features, and simplicity. As I am currently working on a web app that manages users via AWS Cognito, I need to secure specific API endpoints in the backend to make sure only logged in users can access them. Luckily, when a user successfully logs into…

We are very excited to announce that textcloud is moving into its next development stage: Starting March 2021, we are opening our platform for selected beta users.

textcloud is the world’s first no-code workflow automation build around language understanding and text analysis.
This allows you to automate workflows that used to require human intelligence like sensing emotions in messages,
detecting the sentiment, or identifying the most important parts of a text.

textcloud not only offers NLP functions but also takes a holistic approach that covers your whole workflow.

But textcloud is more than a collection of easy-to-use natural language processing…

This is going to be a short tutorial about an issue we at textcloud encountered the other day.

Internally, we use headless Puppeteer with an array of stealth plugins for our web scraping purposes. Sure, Puppeteer might be slower than just doing import requests in Python, but it's 2021 and we learned that successful web scraping simply requires rendering the full website if you want to get proper results.

While a simple const html = await page.content(); after Puppeteer has loaded the page works well for most purposes, it, unfortunately, does not include the contents of embedded iframes.

Rendering a page with Puppeteer. Almost like painting, huh? | Photo by Ilnur Kalimullin on Unsplash

Render iframes in Puppeteer

As it…

Medium is a great platform to grow an audience and to find millions of high-quality articles about almost every topic. But having your content on your own blog is just something else. You have full control, better analytics, and it’s also better for SEO. No wonder that many people publish new Medium articles also on their private blogs.

Having control over your own content on your own blog is just something else.

Synchronize your Medium articles with your Ghost posts

If you head over to Github, you find a lot of projects intending to migrate Medium content to Ghost blog posts. …

At textcloud, we run the heart of our workflow automation platform on AWS Lambda. This allows us to offer our customers a fast and reliable experience. No matter if a user runs a simple workflow once a week or needs to apply sentiment analysis to thousands of Airtable rows, our infrastructure needs to be extremely scalable.

We store the code of all our Lambda functions in a single repository. Though a monorepo works extremely well for our use-case where all functions share a lot of code, it has downsides when it comes to our CI/CD pipeline: We only want to…

This is another part of my series on how we at textcloud manage our AWS Lambda functions. As great as the serverless paradigm is, one enters a hell of pitfalls when working on complex projects. In this article, I’m going into the details of building a dockerized Python Lambda function on GitLab CI to deploy automatically when we push new changes to our repository.

I know, it sounds like this should be super simple and not worth yet another article, but bear with me: This took me two days to get right and I’m more than willing to share my…

This is a quick tutorial on how to use Python and boto3 to programmatically schedule the execution of AWS Lambda functions. That’s super useful if you want to add/remove rules after you deployed your function, for example, based on input from your users.

If you only need to set up a schedule once, have a look at the awesome Serverless tool instead.

Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash

Here at textcloud, we’re building the majority of your backend on the shoulders of AWS Lambda. This allows us to provide fast and robust workflow automation to our users, no matter if they run a simple workflow once…

When I created a landing page for my current startup textcloud.co, I wanted users to leave their email address in case they are interested in our product.

However, all existing methods would be either too complicated to set up (e.g. Mailchimp), required changes in our stack (e.g. a PHP backend), or would force the user to leave our page (e.g. Typeform). We found that an AWS Lambda function is the perfect target for a simple HTML form, especially if paired with Airtable as a database. …

Johannes Gontrum

Language technology enthusiast & NLP consultant. Currently building textcloud.co, the first workflow automation platform with text intelligence.

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